How to Start Your Own Business with Natasha Philippines

June 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Are you looking for ways for you to have an extra profit? Needing extra money to your monthly home bills, allowance and other cost of living? Then why not try to be a Natasha member and make your own business? There aren’t any required levels of skills, capital or physical abilities. People from all walks of life are qualified to be a Natasha dealer.

Natasha is considered as one of the best direct selling companies in the Philippines and continually improving since it has opened its doors on 1993. The company’s major products are clothing, shoes, personal care and cosmetics. Natasha products are well known and very acceptable to thousands of people that is why it is a very lucrative direct selling business for everybody. It has 24 distribution stores all over the country that is composed of 900 staff. The number of active dealers is nearly 150,000.

Natasha Philippines has always been updated in terms of fashion. Most of the people particularly in the Philippines admire the products of Natasha. Believe it or not its popularity has hit in the neighbor areas which results in having dealers to 20 nations all over the world including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei and the Middle East. The company’s large network of suppliers makes it simple for the distributors to give prompt and fast shipping.

A great number of are joining and making hundreds of bucks with Natasha and who knows? You could be one of the prosperous Natasha members later on. With its inexpensive price points and high quality products, there is nothing more you could ask for. It’s easy to sell and order which is also one of the reasons why plenty of people love Natasha Philippines. However, if you’re just starting out here are a couple of things that you should learn.

There are 2 standard earning possibilities of Natasha which are selling and networking. When you get the orders from Natasha, you will only pay for the net cost of the items and the discount will going to be your profit. That’s how the process of selling works. But, you will actually earn a lot from networking. It’s just basically the same concept, the more people you will recruit, the big chances of earning sales. Your income will be multiplied since you can take an advantage from incentives at lifetime commission because of the sales of your downline or from other networks. As a seller and a member, you need to follow the important values of Natasha which are customer service, discipline, constant advancement, honesty and respect for each other.

There are 2 basic steps to be a dealer in Natasha. First is to find a registered member and ask him/her to recruit you. Next is you can visit to the nearest Natasha branch in your place and approach the networking counter personnel and inform him/her that you like to become a member. You will have to prepare sign up form with (2) 1” x 1” ID photos and Php150 for the membership ID and sales kit.

It’s really possible to attain your dreams in Natasha Philippines once you have the huge passion to recruit and sell.

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